Ductwork: all-metal trunklines

What makes us different?

We offer shop-fabricated duct work made of 26-gauge galvanized sheet metal. Our all-metal trunk lines and plenums are sealed with latex mastic caulk and insulated with a layer R-8 fiberglass duct wrap and a layer of silver reflectic bubble wrap that not only provides additional R-value but also adds durability.

Unlike prefabricated duct work that is insulated on the inside with fiberglass, our shop-made ducts are insulated on the outside to give you cleaner air.


American Standard

Although we can install any brand of most HVAC systems we traditionally install American Standard heating and air conditioning products. American Standard is the parent company and manufacturer of the well-known Trane brand of HVAC equipment. Essentially the equipment from both brands is identical.


We also install a more economical line of HVAC equipment manufactured by Goodman (formerly Amana).

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

In addition to traditional central HVAC systems we also specialize in the installation of duct-less minisplit heat pumps and air conditioners.